Doctor Shahar comments on Tom Cruise plastic surgery

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Tom Cruise plastic surgery article in National Enquirer comments by Dr. Yoel Shahar

Fantastic Plastic? Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery – The National Enquirer

Did Tom Cruise undergo plastic surgery?

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Actor Tom Cruise has been touted as one of “the biggest movie stars of all-time” for the past 30 years. His sex symbol status has a lot to do with his picture-perfect smile and stunning looks. Once crowned  People Magazine’s sexiest man alive, a burning question still remains today: Did Tom Cruise undergo plastic Surgery?

In several interviews a couple of years ago, Tom Cruise repeated he did not resort to plastic surgery. He even stated he’d never resort to cosmetic surgery… that may have been true a couple of years ago.Various sources, pictures and speculation, seems to prove otherwise.

Tom Cruise shocked Twitter with with his supposed Facelift earlier in 2020

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Tom Cruise is  using plastic surgery, according to several reports. Sources told the National Enquirer that the 58-year-old is using plastic surgery to help him look fresh.

“…insiders say the gifted star remains desperate to maintain his boyish good looks and stay atop of the heap as he approaches his sixties — with the help of plastic surgery!”

National Enquirer consulted plastic surgery experts and top plastic surgeons. They all seem to agree on one thing: The Top Gun star is actively using plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Doctor Yoel Shahar, one of the top plastic surgeons in New York City, was interviewed by the paper on Tom Cruise’s plastic surgery. He shared the following thought (below).

Doctor Shahar comments on Tom Cruise’s plastic surgery

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New York City plastic surgeon, Doctor Yoel Shahar, believes: “There has been significant improvement made to Tom’s neck.” Compared to previous photos of the actor, “the wrinkles in the neck, they are now vertical, and the skin is tighter. They did some kind of pull behind the ear.” Noting Tom’s more defined jawline, Dr. Shahar said, “The skin is tighter than it had been in recent years.”

Tom Cruise’s cosmetic surgery

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