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Dr. Yoel Shahar, MD

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Dr. Yoel Shahar is one of the best plastic surgeons in New York City. Over the past 25 years, he has performed thousands of affordable cosmetic procedures in the US and in Europe. He specializes in a wide range of cosmetic procedures such as mini face lift, rhinoplasty, nose surgery, eyelid procedure, temporal lift, fat injection, brow lift, buccal fat removal, as well as injectable and fillers.

What patients respect most about Dr. Shahar are his exemplary ethics and moral conduct. He truly and always has patients’ best interests at heart. He will never overcorrect and will always recommend a minimum procedure to achieve natural looking and stunning cosmetic surgery results. Everyone will notice. No one will know. Schedule a consultation today.

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Dr. Yoel S. Shahar, MD

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The hallmark of Dr. Shahar’s work is that he is highly realistic about the expected cosmetic surgery results of each patient. He encourages patients to be as well. He never over-corrects and always recommends minimal procedures to achieve natural looking cosmetic surgery results. Moreover, patients are informed of the latest state-of-the-art techniques, non-surgical alternatives to rejuvenate the face via fat injection and fillers.