Mini Facelift

Look as Young as You Feel

The mini-facelift eliminates jowls creating a youthful jaw line and youthful appearance. With the newest techniques, you can achieve a younger natural look with fuller cheeks and a well-defined jaw line. It also tightens the skin along with the underlying muscles with hidden incisions and very small scars.

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Minimal Scar Mini Facelift

Dr. Shahar has perfected the facelift procedure, minimizing scar length and visibility. The incision site becomes almost invisible so that you can have a short hair style without it being noticeable. If the neck has significant laxity (looseness) a small incision under the chin is made to remove excess fat and tighten the muscle.

Your Youthful Natural Look

Facelift is not just lifting the skin and muscle. It is also restoring facial volume, that why Dr. Shahar often performs fat grafting together with the mini facelift to create balance and harmony to the face. Having performed over a thousand facelifts enables Dr. Shahar to provide you with optimal results.

Local Anesthesia

The mini facelift can be performed under local anesthesia!

Quick Recovery

The recovery is quick and easy, and you can be back to work in one week. The pain is minimal, and swelling and bruising lasts for a week.

Before and after images from our Mini Facelift patients

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Reviews from our Mini Facelift patients

"Nobody knows. No one. It's thrilling and I look a TON better without my double chin and lax marionettes. One person asked "did you lose weight?" and my scars are invisible. If you've been waiting a long time and hemmed and hawed about doing something, do it. He's affordable and a master and is the nicest surgeon I met with. The others barely looked in my eyes and I needed to feel real trust to have my face and necked altered! Thank you, Dr. Shahar!!"


Mini Facelift patient

Artistic Finesse & Expert Technique

Dr. Yoel Shahar has performed thousands of procedures in New York City and Europe over the past 25 years. He specializes in a wide range of procedures such as mini face lift, rhinoplasty, nose surgery, eyelid procedure, temporal lift, fat injection, brow lift ,buccal fat removal, as well as injectable and fillers.

What patients respect most about Dr. Shahar’s cosmetic surgery is that he has their best interests at heart. He will never overcorrect and always recommend a minimum procedure to achieve the outmost natural look.

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