Energy based devices-are they effective in facial rejuvenation?

Most people tend to believe in Energy Based devices such as Thermage, radio-frequency infra-red and electro-stimulation to be effective treatment in facial rejuvenation. Just the use of technology can convince the effectiveness of the machine. The truth is that there is no significant benefit from these kinds of therapy and even if there is, some effect it is not visible and is temporary.
On the other hand the use of laser for hair removal is recommended and safe. The use of laser for skin peel is just an alternative to chemical peel and is not superior but is much more expensive! The cooling devices that destroy fat cells are not effective enough and require multiple visits, limited amount fat removal and are unpredictable. Overall patients are not satisfied.
These devices are being used by dermatologists and “aesthetic physicians” as a poor alternative to cosmetic procedures that they are not trained for and unable to perform. For example, a woman in her forties with jowls will get a bad outcome by using fillers to the marionette lines instead of having a mini facelift to Improve the skin and muscle laxity to restore the youthful look.
There is an economic issue with the use of fillers every several months making the cost too
expensive while the mini facelift eliminates the need to use fillers for about 10 years. My advice for rejuvenation treatment is based on age. Untill age 40 you can benefit from injectables.
When you are over age 40 you should consider surgical procedure such as mini facelift to restore your youthfulness with the combination of botox and chemical peel
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