What is Facial Harmony?

Facial harmony is when the facial features are in proportion to each other in terms of projection and size.  If we look at the 3 prominent facial features – which are the nose, the cheeks and the chin – it is imperative for all of them to have projection which is proportional to each other, in order to achieve maximum facial harmony.

For example, if the chin is deficient it makes the nose and the cheeks look bigger.  Therefore, it is not wise to augment the cheeks when the chin is deficient, since it will create imbalance and disharmony to the face as well as a non-attractive look.It is advised to have a chin augmentation first before augmenting the cheeks.

Another important feature – the nose – needs to be in proportion to the face.  This is achieved when it is about 1/3 of the length from the hairline to the chin.  The above information is only a guideline to achieving facial harmony. Facial enhancement requires a lot of knowledge and an artistic eye in order to get the most natural look and help the patient look her/his best.

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