COSMETIC PROCEDURES FOR THE FACE: When to Operate and When Is It Better to Inject?

fat injection photo_edited-1

Patients seeking to improve their looks don’t know whether they need fillers and Botox or to undergo a surgical procedure instead. The answer to that is simple. Until about 35 years of age, the signs of aging are relatively minimal.  There isn’t skin laxity of the jaw line and neck yet, and therefore can be corrected by injectables such as fillers and Botox.

The best filler for volume restoration is fat injection since it lasts for years and does not require yearly treatments which increase the cost significantly. For the wrinkles in the lower parts of the face, the preferred materials are Hyaluronic acid products.

On the other hand, women over the age of 35 start showing skin laxity of the face and neck due to gravity changes creating an old looking rectangular face.  Attempts to fill the nasolabial and marionette depressions with filler do not help to restore the youthful triangular shape of the face and have no role in neck improvement and again increasing the cost.

The answer and the recommended approach to such changes is that the mini facelift can restore the youthful triangular face, eliminate or at least minimizing the need for fillers and it last for 10 year, thus keeping the cost down. The mini lift also can improve the jawline and the jowl area and add significant improvement to the neck.

In conclusion, if you are 35 or younger any dermatologist or plastic surgeon can give you an answer to your needs, but if you are over 35 it is better to see a plastic surgeon that can give you the best treatment and restore your youthful look.

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