Cosmetic Procedures in Men


Men have been undergoing more and more cosmetic procedures than ever before. Reasons for looking to improve their looks include helping them to find a job and being more successful. They are mainly interested in some improvement in their looks, less invasive procedures and quicker recovery than most women. Facial features in men are different from women, therefore in order to preserve them, we must have a different approach. Rule number one is not to overfill or over augment certain part of the face. overfill with fillers will create a feminine look that will not be tolerated by men!

In non-surgical facial rejuvenation, in the periorbital area men have more forehead wrinkles which are deeper than women due to larger and stronger muscles that require many more units to achieve a good effect and noticeable improvement. It is important to stress that men’s eyebrows are horizontal and any creation of angulation or lateral elevation of the eyebrow will create feminine look that men don’t prefer. It is therefore imperative for the physician to be familiar with the anatomy and physiology of the expression muscles around the the eyes in order to prevent unfavorable results.

The lower part of the face is treated mostly by fillers such as Hyaluronic Acid products for wrinkles or Radiesse for volume replacements of depressions in the cheeks, nasolabial folds and marionette lines. A better alternative to Radiesse as a volume restoration is the fat injection. If performed properly, a Fat Transplant is a long-lasting effect for years which is preferable by men. No upper lip augmentation should be done in men because it creates a feminine look . In the lower lip, augmentation if necessary should be conservative .

For surgical facial rejuvenation, it is important to be conservative in the approach towards minimally invasive procedures. Men will seek improvement of their nose if if the deformity is significant such a large dorsal hump ,long nose or wide tip.  Eyelid surgery is another common procedure that men are looking for to improve the aging eyes restoring their youthful look. The neck contour is becoming more of a concern to men as well, who are willing to improve their appearance. A surgeon who performs a neck lift should improve the jawline at the same time but avoid lifting the upper part of the face. The reason is that they do not want a significant change in their look.

In men there is a need to explain in detail the recovery period so that they can schedule the procedure in a convenient time,to stress the importance of the post-op instructions and follow-up visits to achieve optimal results. In any surgical or non-surgical rejuvenation of the face it is important to improve the periorbital area before the improvement of the lower face to achieve significant improvement. Failure to do so will result in minimal improvement and an unsatisfied patient.

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