Technology in facial rejuvenation

Every time a new technology or product is presented it attracts the public’s attention, but physicians are taking their time before deciding whether it is effective enough to apply it

into their practice. I will focus on 3 modalities of treatment:

The first one is the Laser Liposuction of the neck. Every new technique in liposuction is compared to the gold standard which is the tumescent technique by which the treated

area is infiltrated with local anesthetic fluid and the fat is removed by small cannula.

Apparently there is no advantage of the laser liposuction as claimed over the standard tumescent technique in terms of results speed of recovery and bluish discoloration.

In fact it takes more time to perform the procedure and it cost much more.

The second one is the Ulthera therapy, a treatment claimed to “tighten the skin” and a

good alternative to surgical repair of loose and excess skin. Many plastic surgeons will

agree that this claim is not proven, and even if there is improvement it is not significant.

The third modality of treatment are the radio frequency devices that also claim the effect

of skin tightening but again, not proven.

In summary, even if there is some effect to the above modalities, they do not justify the

cost since the effect is minimal, if any.

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