How to protect patients from themselves

Occasionally, I see patients in my office requesting changes that will end up not making them look more attractive. Since they are not experts in the concept of beauty and facial harmony,  it is the physician’s responsibility to resist such a request and tell them why I refuse to inject a filler in an area that I think will create a less attractive look.

Some patients try to apply pressure on the physician to follow their wishes, but they must be informed of the consequences in order to see that it won’t come out the way they think it will.  The same rule applies to excessive eyebrow elevation, or excessive nasal tip rotation. The physician should always deny these requests.

When it comes to lip augmentation, it is important to avoid excessive augmentation that will make it look unnatural. The situation gets worse if the upper lip augmentation is done when the upper jaw is prominent, or if the lower lip is augmented, when the chin is deficient.In the sub-malar area, if a patient has lost a significant amount of volume then injecting in this area is appropriate provided it is not over-filled.

As a rule by filling certain areas in the face, we lose definition which is an important aspect of an attractive look. For example filling adjacent to the cheek bone area such as sub-malar area will reduce the cheek prominence and the cheek definition.

By refusing to follow unreasonable requests, the surgeon is protecting the patient from them self and also his own reputation.

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