Liposuction is a procedure to remove excess fat in unwanted areas that are not responding to diet or exercise. Liposuction surgery is used to slim thighs, flatten the abdomen, and improve contour in areas such as the hips, flanks, back and knees. It is also used to remove fat from a male chest.

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The Best Liposuction Technique

The most popular technique for liposuction is the Tumescent Technique. It involves infiltration of the desired area with a physiological salt solution with epinephrine. This infiltration minimizes bruising, pain and discomfort.

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"I must write to you and thank you again for the great job you did. I know I saw you in person last week for a final checkup and told you so many times before, but when I found out how reasonalbe your prices were, I thought for sure I was getting a "good deal" and I would regret it. But it was the exact oppposite. I am really happy about everything, from your staff, to your sensitivities, to your overall professionalism. I am so glad my friend recommended you and I can't wait the get the chance to recommend you to others. Thank you very much. I love life in a whole new way now."


Joan L.
Liposuction patient

Artistic Finesse & Expert Technique

Dr. Yoel Shahar has performed thousands of procedures in New York City and Europe over the past 25 years. He specializes in a wide range of procedures such as mini face lift, rhinoplasty, nose surgery, eyelid procedure, temporal lift, fat injection, brow lift ,buccal fat removal, as well as injectable and fillers.

What patients respect most about Dr. Shahar’s cosmetic surgery is that he has their best interests at heart. He will never overcorrect and always recommend a minimum procedure to achieve the outmost natural look.

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