Something Special About Dr. Shahar

Quicklinks: Something Special About Dr. Shahar

Dr. Yoel Shahar is a board certified cosmetic surgeon and has been one of the forerunners of cosmetic surgery here in New York and abroad. He is teaching in Europe the art of plastic surgery as well as new and innovative techniques learned from his 27 years of experience. Shahar’s artistic eye and hands skillfully craft each patient’s procedures for optimum and individual natural looking results.  His techniques and philosophy have been copied by many … but he is a true original with years of experience to prove it.  Dr. Shahar employs current and innovative techniques which result in the newest of procedures with improved results and faster recovery. He has been voted best doctor numerous times by prestigious professional organizations.  He develops a customized treatment plan for each patient, maximizing results and minimizing recovery.  We never schedule patients back-to-back for several reasons.  We feel that our patient’s privacy is paramount and we want to make sure that each person has as much time as needed during their consultation. Dr. Shahar and his staff always make you feel like you are family.

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