The #1 mistake made when performing fat injections

Common mistakes in Fat Injection or other Fillers in the face are the amount injected and the site of injection.

One of the frequent mistakes is overfilling the cheeks just above the nasolabial fold. This creates an un-natural and non-attractive look so that when one smiles, it makes the cheeks get larger and then it looks like two golf balls are hanging on the cheeks.

When this happens, most patients after cheek augmentation looked better before the augmentation. This occurs due to the lack of understanding of facial balance and harmony by non-professional providers (non-plastic surgeons) who are treating patients.

Every physician, regardless of specialty, is allowed by law to practice non-surgical cosmetic procedures, creating un-properly trained doctors injecting Fillers and Botox / Dysport.Another common mistake is excessively augmenting the lateral cheeks creating concavity over the temple area which is common in the older population. Furthermore if its done on a wide face it creates facial imbalance which can appear unattractive.

In augmenting the upper lip on patients with a prominent upper jaw, we create excessive projection of the upper lip area with imbalance to other features in the face and a less attractive look.

Also augmenting the lower lip when the chin is deficient causes a less attractive look.  We should remember that patients are coming to improve their looks. Therefore it is important to “under” correct rather than “over” correct when performing this non-invasive procedure.

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