The art of fat injection in the face

Fat injection —or fat transplant as it is called by plastic surgeons—has recently become a very hot topic of discussion.  In order to understand why it is garnering so much interest, it is crucial for patients and plastic surgeons to be informed not only about the procedure itself, but about why medical methodology and surgical […]

Are Filler Injections in Men Different from Women?

Natural Look Institute: Are Filler Injections in Men Different from Women?…: The answer is yes.  We should be more conservative in using filler injections for men to avoid a feminine look.  Also the upper lip augment…

Fillers vs Surgery

There is great confusion today among patients seeking facial aesthetic rejuvenation. The final outcome of this process depends mostly on what type of cosmetic doctor they meet for consultation. For example, a woman who can benefit most from a facelift, if she first saw a dermatologist, will have been advised to have filler in order […]

Something Special About Dr. Shahar

Dr. Yoel Shahar is a board certified cosmetic surgeon and has been one of the forerunners of cosmetic surgery here in New York and abroad. He is teaching in Europe the art of plastic surgery as well as new and innovative techniques learned from his 27 years of experience. Shahar’s artistic eye and hands skillfully […]

The #1 mistake made when performing fat injections

Common mistakes in Fat Injection or other Fillers in the face are the amount injected and the site of injection. One of the frequent mistakes is overfilling the cheeks just above the nasolabial fold. This creates an un-natural and non-attractive look so that when one smiles, it makes the cheeks get larger and then it […]

Why choosing a cosmetic surgeon is better for non-surgical rejuvenation

A cosmetic surgeon is a preferable choice over an MD for non-surgical facial rejuvenation for several reasons. First, a cosmetic surgeon is familiar with the detailed anatomy of the fat compartments in the face, as well as the exact location of the nerves and blood vessels. This knowledge is essential in order to avoid serious […]


As a cosmetic  surgeon I am passionate about bringing authentic artistry to my work.   My philosophy is based on a keen eye for balance, composition and maintaining integrity of form.  I will refuse to perform procedures I believe are unnecessary.