Achieving a Balanced Nasal Tip with Refinement Techniques

Understanding Nasal Tip Refinement What is Nasal Tip Refinement? Nasal tip refinement is a surgical procedure that aims to improve the size, shape, and definition of the nasal tip. It is often performed as part of a rhinoplasty procedure but can also be done as a standalone surgery for those who are primarily concerned with […]

The Art of Nose Reshaping: Techniques and Goals

Understanding Nose Reshaping What is Nose Reshaping? Nose reshaping is a surgical procedure that alters the size, shape, or proportions of the nose. It can address a wide range of concerns, from cosmetic issues to functional problems, and can significantly impact a person’s appearance, self-esteem, and quality of life. The Goals of Nose Reshaping The […]

Comparing Primary and Secondary Rhinoplasty: What You Need to Know

Complexity Primary Rhinoplasty Primary rhinoplasty is generally considered less complex than secondary rhinoplasty, as the surgeon is working with the original nasal structure that has not been altered by previous surgeries. This allows for a more straightforward approach to addressing aesthetic concerns and functional issues. However, primary rhinoplasty still requires a deep understanding of nasal […]

Recovery Tips and Guidelines for Secondary Rhinoplasty Patients

Managing Discomfort Pain Medication As with any surgical procedure, some discomfort can be expected during the initial stages of recovery. Dr. Shahar will typically prescribe pain medication to help manage any post-operative pain. It’s important to follow his instructions regarding dosage and frequency to ensure optimal pain relief while minimizing the risk of potential side […]

The Role of Cartilage Grafting in Secondary Rhinoplasty

Understanding Cartilage Grafting What is cartilage grafting? Cartilage grafting is a surgical technique that involves the transplantation of cartilage from one part of the body to another, typically to reconstruct or augment the nasal structure. In secondary rhinoplasty, cartilage grafting can be used to address various issues that may have resulted from a previous surgery, […]

Top Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Secondary Rhinoplasty

Key Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Revision Rhinoplasty What is your experience with secondary rhinoplasty? Understanding the extent of your surgeon’s experience with revision surgery is crucial in determining their expertise in the field. Dr. Shahar is a highly regarded expert in secondary rhinoplasty, having corrected numerous poorly performed rhinoplasties throughout his career. His […]

Septoplasty vs. Rhinoplasty: What’s the Difference?

Septoplasty: Correcting a Deviated Septum What is Septoplasty? Septoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to correct a deviated septum. The septum is the cartilage and bone structure that divides the nasal cavity into two nostrils. When the septum is deviated or crooked, it can lead to breathing difficulties, recurrent sinus infections, and sleep disturbances. […]

What is Secondary Rhinoplasty and When is it Needed?

What is Secondary Rhinoplasty and When is it Needed? - Patient waiting for rhinoplasty surgeon to come back with a diagnostic for secondary rhinoplasty (revision rhinoplasty)

Understanding Secondary Rhinoplasty Definition of Secondary Rhinoplasty Secondary rhinoplasty, also known as revision rhinoplasty, refers to a corrective nasal surgery performed after an initial rhinoplasty procedure. The goal of secondary rhinoplasty is to address any issues or concerns that have arisen following the first surgery, such as aesthetic dissatisfaction, functional problems, or complications. Expertise of […]

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

revision rhinoplasty - secondary rhinoplasty

Indications for Revision Rhinoplasty There are various reasons why someone might consider revision rhinoplasty. Some common indications for this procedure include: Aesthetic Concerns Unsatisfactory appearance: The primary rhinoplasty may not have achieved the desired results or may have resulted in an unnatural or unbalanced appearance. Asymmetry: The nose may be uneven or crooked after the […]

The Different Types of Nose Surgery: Which One is Right for You?

Open Rhinoplasty Open rhinoplasty is a common type of nose surgery that involves making an incision along the columella, the strip of skin between the nostrils. This approach allows the surgeon to fully visualize and access the nasal structures, providing greater precision and control during the procedure. Open rhinoplasty is typically used for more complex […]