Why choosing a cosmetic surgeon is better for non-surgical rejuvenation

A cosmetic surgeon is a preferable choice over an MD for non-surgical facial rejuvenation for several reasons. First, a cosmetic surgeon is familiar with the detailed anatomy of the fat compartments in the face, as well as the exact location of the nerves and blood vessels. This knowledge is essential in order to avoid serious […]


As a cosmetic  surgeon I am passionate about bringing authentic artistry to my work.   My philosophy is based on a keen eye for balance, composition and maintaining integrity of form.  I will refuse to perform procedures I believe are unnecessary.


Winter is the perfect time for a body contouring procedure!  No one will see you while you recover and you will be ready to show off in the Spring.  These patients removed unwanted fat from the waist and thigh area, beautifully reshaping their body. Call me for a complimentary consultation and see how you would benefit from this procedure. Please […]


My practice has always been to tailor the procedure to the specific patient for my goal of obtaining natural results. Since I came across many patients that required a mini face lift but needed to return to work in a day or two, I developed a technique alternative to the mini face lift that brings significant improvement in restoring […]


Many people come to my office complaining about a small bump over their cheek area which creates a visible groove underneath the eye.  Analyzing the causes, I came to the conclusion that the reason is laxity of the muscle that help close the eye. I developed a technique that improves this muscle laxity, which is […]

#1 secret for natural looking plastic surgery

“I never over-correct and always recommend a minimal procedure to achieve the utmost natural look.  I will correct the disproportion of your facial features to bring balance and harmony to the face. I am very realistic about the results and encourage my patients to be as well”

Remove unwanted fat with liposuction

This patient had body contouring to remove unwanted fat from the waist and thigh areas. Wondering if this procedure is right for you? Call me for a complimentary consultation at 212.717.4066 What is liposuction? Liposuction, also known as Lipoplasty, is a surgical procedure that is designed to remove fat from unwanted areas such as thighs, […]

What makes Dr. Shahar’s practice different from others?

He is often able to correct challenging mistakes on patients that other doctors are unwilling to tackle. His impeccable ability to improve his patients’ outcome is due to his special techniques and vast expertise. In his words “I like the challenge but most of all I like to see my patients happy again … beautiful […]


The most common treatment for men of all ages is the Botox/Dysport and Fillers injection. Men under 40 who are looking for non-surgical facial rejuvenation find that this procedure provides modest improvement without making them look like a different person. With surgical procedures, the Rhinoplasty procedure (also known as a “nose job”) is the most […]

How to Have a Successful Cosmetic Consultation

There are a few points to be addressed during a cosmetic consultation in order for the client to be fully satisfied after their procedure. Both the patient and the surgeon must understand the expectations of the patient regarding their surgery/treatment. If any of their expectations are unrealistic, the surgeon must point out to the patient […]