Doctor Shahar comments on Simon Cowell’s plastic surgery

Quicklinks: Doctor Shahar comments on Simon Cowell’s plastic surgery

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Simon Cowell underwent cosmetic surgery

We have exclusive reports from sources (and visual proof from the attached images) that show Simon Cowell has undergone a significant transformation in recent months. First off, he has dropped more than 20 pounds by sticking to a strict Vegan diet. But more than that, insiders say he has turned to cosmetic procedures for his face in order to shave years off of his appearance.
See for yourself. The attached images are approximately two years apart.

Simon Cowell before plastic surgery

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Simon Cowell after plastic surgery

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Spot any differences? Doctor Yoel Shahar, renowned cosmetic surgeon in NYC – founder of Natural Look Institute – surely thinks so too! Read Doctor Shahar’s comments on Simon Cowell plastic surgery, below:

Doctor Shahar comments on Simon Cowell’s cosmetic surgery:

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“After careful review of Simon Cowell’s pictures it appears to me that Simon Cowell underwent cosmetic surgery. More precisely upper Blepharoplasty. He also had a Facelift and Neck lift. You can see the hairs very close to his earlobe which is a sign of Facelift in men. This is probably the reason he is growing a beard to hide the incision scars until they fade.
In regards to the quality of the procedures: The face skin during Facelift was pulled too much vertically. When he is smiling you can see wrinkles in a hokey stick shape suggesting a vertical lift. It could have been better done technically. He appears to have excessive fillers…and in the wrong places of the cheek (and so does the woman escorting him). The upper Blepharoplasty was done well. Additionally  he had a sun tan and may have had a Chemical skin peel since his skin texture looks better.
Overall the job score is: OK. The smiling wrinkles can be improved with more Botox in that area. ( He already had Botox in other areas).”

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