Plastic surgery for men

It is no secret that men are having more cosmetic procedures these days.  We offer many methods that will enhance the male appearance which adds to self-confidence and personal pride.  Most procedures require minimal recovery time and make a big difference.   While some procedures are slightly different when performed on men than women… the results are the same.  Plastic surgery for men for a more youthful natural looking you!

From a  new technique of minimally invasive face lift under local anesthesia, fat injection or fillers, removal of bags or dark circles under the eyes, liposuction to tummy tuck… he is the go-to-doctor for improving your look and enhancing your life.

“I am very happy about the change in mens’ attitude” says Dr Shahar “it is no longer surprising when a man seeks guidance from a plastic surgeon to appear more attractive. Almost 20% of cosmetic surgery patients are male.

Are Filler Injections in Men Different from Women?

The answer is yes. We should be more conservative in using filler injections for men to avoid a feminine look. Also the upper lip augmentation should be avoided for the same reason. Another reason for under filling is that men do not want a significant change in their look. The same principle of being conservative applies to surgical procedures as well.

Male Facial

Men’s faces are quite different from those of women and require proper planning to maintain the masculine appearance. Dr. Shahar takes this into consideration when planning facial surgical procedures and has performed many successful cosmetic procedures on men. Dr. Shahar provides specific advice and recommendations for men looking to improve their body. All his procedures can be custom fitted to the specifics of the male body. Male cosmetic surgery in New York City is a growing trend and Dr. Shahar is here to help guide you.

Hear it from
MY patients

I never thought of getting any type of work done but someone introduced me to Dr. Shahar and he did a procedure using my own fat cells to fill in some wrinkles and depressions and give me a fresher look. Totally natural. And I had so many people tell me how rested and great I look. My friends said it looked like I was on a long restful vacation. The procedure does not have to be constantly repeated. I returned to have a slight touch up for some new stress lines.... Amazing, friendly doctor and amazing results! He does the minimum needed to make you look rested and 10 years younger in 30 minutes. (I asked for 10 years younger...I'm sure you can get more) 😁👍"
David W.
Male Procedures Patient

plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures Performed by Dr. Shahar

Deciding to undergo cosmetic enhancement and plastic surgery is an important decision. Possibly one of the most important decisions you make in your life.  Natural Look Institute offers a wide range of procedures such as the mini-face lift, eyelids, fat injection, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), as well as injectables.  All injections are performed by Dr. Shahar. Most of the rejuvenation treatments are done under local anesthesia with brief recovery time. We aim to deliver the best plastic surgery and the most natural looking plastic surgery in NYC. Rediscover a new you with the help of one of New York’s most trusted plastic surgeons.